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Are you Developing The Next Generation of Leaders?
Leaders must continuously be creating leaders up and down the organization. You determine who will hold the keys.
Draw a ‘Line in the Sand’ Before ‘Pulling the Trigger’
  At times leaders in organizations approach the difficult decision of possibly terminating an employee. These evaluations are not easy and before you make a final decision, you should make certain if the problem is the employee or the manager. There are techniques that can be used to turn the situation around. So before pulling the trigger and firing an individual, challenge them by first drawing a line in the sand. To draw the line, use very clear language, tell […]
Always Find a Way to Win
  In life and in business, people can be divided into two groups, happy and very unhappy. Those who are very unhappy never find a way to win. They look at every situation, interaction, and opportunity and see only what went wrong. They could win the lottery but find some issue that steals their joy, they may say, “too many taxes, I’ll hardly get any of the money.” This is unfortunate. This type of attitude will hurt the individual personally […]
Recognize and Avoid The Perils of Extroverted Leadership
The boardroom of a company is often filled with a bevy of extroverts. That comes as no surprise; outgoing and authoritative, extroverts are natural leaders. Extroverted leaders prize communication, openness, and group work, and they get their energy through socialization—all of which makes an extrovert a great fit for the head of a company or an organization. In fact, according to the Harvard Business Review, 60% of senior-level managers identified as extroverts—and a full 65% said that introversion would be […]
Are you about to lose someone?
It’s fascinating to see how different individuals leaving a company choose to handle their departure. We have seen key people getting ready to leave for another job approach this many different ways: not telling anyone, telling at least one other person, or telling everyone upfront. You may want to know, what difference it makes if they are leaving? The truth is – A LOT! In the first case, the person leaving actually told us instead of the appropriate person in […]
To Engage or Not To Engage
Some organizations believe that the goal of every interaction is to engage everybody. There’s an entire industry out there of consultants, trainers and coaches that tell the general public, business leaders, and teams that they need to engage their people. We believe in general that is true; however, as a sound bite, it sends the wrong message. Engaging everyone can get too much happening too quickly and engagement may not be right for an individual situation or team. We have […]
Cycles, Spirals & Patterns: Oh My!
Many meetings we are in have a tendency to start with a great deal of data and information.  If the meeting does not go well, many times it is because there are lots of individual tactical observations of what the data means.  There is not a coming together or clarity of the patterns or themes at a higher level. On the other hand, after being clear about the data and what it means, those that use their instincts to spot […]