White Papers

There are a number of important keys to achieving your organization’s goals. We address some of these in the White Papers presented here as coaching and mentoring tools to reinforce factors for success that must remain at the forefront of the organization leader’s focus and strategic thinking.


Achieve More

Personally and Professionally

A large percentage of people see room for improvement in their lives, yet most settle for dealing with the stress of the status quo rather than making changes. Why? Because it is hard to overcome obstacles that seem to stand between you and your goals or dreams. Many people simply don’t know where to start.

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Business Health

Shared Thoughts for Turning Vision into Action

Over the past 30 years, Applied Vision Works has partnered with over 600 organizations to drive action that delivers results.  After working with us, our clients are able to consistently achieve amazing results.

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Does Your Culture Support Success?

As a leader, are you providing good Cultureship? Cultureship is deliberate molding of all your  business’s relationships toward your organization’s goals for both better results and better lives.

Great businesses have cultures that are well-defined and embraced wholeheartedly by leaders and employees alike. Through cultureship, the workplace becomes a community in which successes are celebrated, insights are shared, and where pride of belonging is evident. Everyone in the organization is aligned in support of the same values and goals.

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Strategic Planning

Does Your Strategic Plan Have the Right Ingredients?

Is your Strategic Plan gathering dust in a drawer somewhere, or is it helping you accomplish your most important goals?

Is your organization achieving everything you want it to achieve?  Many organizations have all the right ingredients for overwhelming success, yet for some reason the “recipe” they’re using hasn’t yielded the results they desire.  The culprit may be the “recipe” itself, better known as your strategic plan.

Business leaders devote time each year to planning.  Nearly every business leader and their core team do, but few have truly effective plans that help their organization achieve its goals.  Find out why …

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Are Leaders Born or Made?

There has long been debate over whether leadership is something you’re born with or something you can create.

Leadership isn’t just an innate set of qualities, it’s a skill.  And like any other skill, it must be developed and honed to be the very best you can be.

How can you improve leadership within your organization?  Read on for more about authority vs. influence and pitfalls to avoid …

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The 3 R’s of Employee Management

What is Your Culture Costing You?

No matter what business you’re in, your people are your greatest asset.  But if you aren’t careful, they can also turn into your biggest cost.

For many leaders, it can be difficult to make assessments thoroughly and objectively.  Our process helps organizations become more effective by helping to create powerful leaders, increasingly building capability in themselves, their team and their community to reach goals they never thought possible.

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Embrace the Power of Teams

Is Your Team Really a Team?

Fine-tuning a group to work together can be a challenge.  Finding the right balance is critical, because when a team isn’t working effectively, it can damage morale and bring progress to a standstill.

So what makes a True Team?  True teamwork can be seen when all the members of a basketball team are working together, passing the ball, making defensive and offensive moves in order to create an opportunity for a team member to make a basket.  Everyone is responsible for the success.

Read more about Teamship by downloading our Teamship White Paper.

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Achieving Efficiency Through Process

How to Turn Process Efficiency into Profits

When it comes to process improvement, organizations tend to fall at the extreme ends of the spectrum.  At one extreme, leaders don’t think about their processes at all; as a result, they can’t figure out why it’s so difficult to achieve their vision. At the other extreme, organizations get overwhelmed by taking on a host of process improvement initiatives without first identifying which processes are truly meaningful to their success.

Read more about optimizing your organizations efficiency by downloading our Efficiency White Paper.

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Succession Plan:  Why Every Organization Needs One

Is Your Next Generation of Leaders Ready?

When it comes to succession planning, 55% of companies do not have one.   If there is anything certain in business and in life, it’s that things will change.  In order to build a solid strategy and achieve your goals, you’ve got to think several steps ahead.

The people who are best suited to lead your organization today may not be the right fit for leading your organization in the future. Smart organizations link talent identification and development to their strategic plans, so they can cultivate the skills that will be essential to future success.  Evaluating your team from a succession planning perspective can help you identify the skills and experiences necessary for creating the next generation of leaders.  Given that 76% of successors come from within an organization, developing a stable of potential leaders is critical.

To learn more ways to plan ahead before you ride off into the sunset or the unthinkable happens, read our latest White Paper.

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Communication & Conflict:  How to Build a Stronger Team

How much does communication & conflict cost your organization?

No matter what type of business you’re in, productive communication is crucial.  When employees communicate well, leaders are able to focus on strategic decision making and development of organizational capabilities.

Communication issues aren’t just annoying; they are also costly.  A business with 100 employees spends an average downtime of 17 hours per week clarifying communication.  This can translate to an annual cost of $528,443!

To learn more ways to optimize your organization’s communications and minimize conflict, read our latest White Paper.

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The Positive Impact of Leadership Coaching

What is coaching?

Whether you are a business leader, athlete, or Olympic gold medalist, coaches are critical to help reach your greatest potential and overcome challenges.  Coaching is used to develop leaders, help leaders deal with specific challenges, or assist those who are learning a new position or preparing for promotion.

Our coaching process brings together all aspects or participants’ situations (career or personal) and involves consistent meetings to ensure progress toward the accomplishment of agreed-upon goals.

To learn more ways to impact your leaders and create a positive ripple effect, read our latest White Paper.

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The Benefits of Business Health Assessments

When was your business’ last check-up?

Because preventative care is a smart way to identify problems early, improve your organization’s overall health, and sustain well-being.

Organizations can benefit greatly from periodic health assessments.  Taking the time to evaluate processes, practices, and norms can help a business strengthen itself and its employees by identifying risks and solutions.  The healthier the business is, the longer its life expectancy.

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