Culture Connection

Great businesses have cultures that are well-defined and embraced wholeheartedly by leaders and employees alike. Through cultureship, the workplace becomes a community in which successes are celebrated, insights are shared, and where pride of belonging is evident. Everyone in the organization is aligned in support of the same values and goals.

Culture is the sum of the beliefs, behaviors and processes used throughout an organization that define who the organization is and what it will become. One of the most important things leaders do is establish the tone of an organization’s culture, yet many leaders overlook this critical aspect of their role. Why? Because they don’t realize the impact culture can have.

To help leaders understand cultureship and identify opportunities for improvement within their organizations, we’ve identified 15 culture principles that effective leaders follow in our Culture Connection Program. From fundamentals such as developing a culture map and cascading culture throughout an organization to essential practices like incorporating culture into strategic planning and the hiring process, AVW helps organizations understand and overcome obstacles to greater success.

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