Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching takes many forms and may include skill development (such as leadership or team building), enhancing a career path, personal purpose visualization and goal setting, succession planning, conflict resolution training, facilitation coaching, or relationship management. 

The Foundation Builder

The Foundation Builder helps you integrate your purpose into your life, control your time and explore how to help you avoid or escape a declining life and business/career.  Reconnecting with your purpose for being on this earth, tying it to specific personal and family goals, and creating an action plan is a very powerful mechanism for anyone to improve their life. Building your Foundation Book begins with your Purpose and Goals, then moves on to financial tools and strategies to ensure you reach those goals while taking care of your most important relationships.

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The Leadership Challenge

The Leadership Challenge helps you use innovative strategies to increase leadership capability, create powerful leadership behavior and emotionally engage those people you lead in order to produce the best results. Many leaders have achieved great results, but they may still want to solidify and improve their leadership. Our 35 Principles of Leadership have been designed to teach, train, develop and enhance your capabilities and those of the people around you.

Our job is to become more powerful leaders for better lives and better results. We build leadership skills and use them and teach those principles to our people. A good definition of a leader comes from Jim Hunter: “The skill of influencing people to enthusiastically accomplish common goals with character that inspires excellence”.

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The Advanced Succession Strategy

The Advanced Succession Strategy helps you seamlessly transition the current leadership, while enabling The Next Generation to confidently build their future through the organization.  The end result is that all of your employees, customers and suppliers will enjoy increased longevity, capabilities and results from the organization.  Most successful leaders have achieved many goals over the years, but they may still want to create an opportunity for their business to continue long beyond them.  By assessing the needs, capabilities and desires of the current and future leadership, succession can occur over time in a structured way.

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