One of the best ways for leaders to mold and improve a culture and organizational results is to hire the right raw material. Psychological profiles and ongoing assessments will make a dramatic difference.

These are the first steps in hiring and retaining “A” players and are designed to achieve the best results and work to achieve your strategic vision and goals.

The Comprehensive Independence Builder™ Starter Kit

The Comprehensive Independence Builder Starter Kit offers a broad overview of how Applied Vision Works can work with you and assess your needs and goals.

720 degree Leadership Assessment

Applied Vision Works’ 720 degree Leadership Assessment includes the audiences of managers/supervisors, peers, direct reports, customers and suppliers (and family if warranted.)  The Assessment is followed up with an Action Plan and periodic resurveys over 12 months to objectively measure improvement.  Contact us at (919) 739-2980 or for more information.

The value in doing these assessments is threefold:

Value to the Individual
  1. Perception is reality.
  2. Uncover blind spots.
  3. Feedback is essential for learning.
  4. Individuals can better manage their own performance and careers.
  5. Quantifiable data on soft skills.
  6. Get credit for working hard to improve.
  7. Opportunity to focus on high impact behaviors.
Value to the Team
  1. Increased communication.
  2. Higher levels of trust.
  3. Identify the causes of breakdowns.
  4. Discover how others want to be treated.
  5. Team buy-in by involving team members in the development process.
  6. Increased team effectiveness.
  7. Measurable action plan.
Value to the Organization
  1. Aligns business strategy with action.
  2. Reinforced culture by linking survey items to organizational leadership.
  3. Competencies and company values.
  4. Better career development for employees.
  5. Promote from within.
  6. Improves customer service by having customers contribute to the evaluation process.
  7. Conduct relevant training.

Psychometric Profiling Tools

The Kolbe Concept holds that creative instincts are the source of mental energy that drives people to take specific actions. This mental drive is separate and distinct from passive feelings and thoughts. Creative instincts are manifested in an innate pattern that determine an individual’s unique method of operation, or modus operandi (M.O.).