The Succession Planning Strategy

In order for an organization to have a future, it must have leaders that are able to identify and progress the organization on a path to that future. Many obstacles and opportunities will appear along the way, where help will be needed from all parts of the culture and resources will need to be found along the way to assist in that journey. Our program is based on research and tempered by experience.

In developing The Next Generation of leaders, the current leaders need to identify who has the potential to be The Next Generation as well as determine what experiences will build their capabilities. Many times effective leaders of a team or a part of an operation are not necessarily good leaders of an entire organization or division. Part of the value in this process is to screen out those not suited for top leadership roles and to identify those who are suited for the role, or have the potential to be high level leaders.

The Next Generation

This program focuses on engaging The Next Generation in a different way. Rather than looking purely at cognitive or conative issues, we also determine their persistence, the ability to handle the unknown, and the capacity to mold a culture towards the right future. Working with them to create a vision of the future and potential paths creates a guidebook to solidify their footing on some of the rocky paths ahead.

The Current Leaders

We also look at the current leaders’ situation and their vision of their future. How can they transition out in a smooth manner? What is the best manner for them to enjoy the transition? Emotionally, some leaders leaving organizations end up very unhappy, unless they have test driven options before the transition.

All Positions

Ultimately, the best succession planning involves backup support for each position, cross training, career paths and informal and formal training and coaching.

The Path

Our program has eight stages. This allows us to customize your program specifically to your needs. Videos, books, selected reading, games, exercises, worksheets, facilitation, coaching, training, role play and other tools are used to provide an engaging, interactive and dynamic process focused on the leader/manager getting the next stage of results. We can work with you on the stages that are most relevant and valuable to you right now, or take you through all eight levels.
Stage 1
The 3R’s Culture Survey
A customized survey used to identify the qualitative and quantitative perspective of the audience.
Stage 2
The 3R’s Future Focus Groups
From The 3Rs Culture Survey, questions will be carefully selected to use in facilitated sessions (groups of 7-12 employees) to deepen and refine what needs to happen.
Stage 3
The 3R’s Individual/Team Interviews
This is a carefully chosen audience with which to additionally refine the competencies as well as to identify those that assist in carrying the message and supporting the program to the culture.
Stage 4
The Foundation: Design, Feedback and Refine

All of the information is brought together to that the organization where competencies are clear and tied into a career path. The career path is tied to both performance KPI/Key Deliverables and courses taught via your organization’s University.

Stage 5
The Pilot Program 1

With selected groups, the program is presented and trained to be delivered by the management/leadership (evaluations and development plan as part of a career path/university). This part of the process includes developing materials for those implementing. Delivery of the program will be observed, evaluated and coached.

Stage 6
The Pilot Program 2

Broader than the previous pilot, it will be cascaded deeper and wider into the culture. The delivery at these Stages will also be observed, evaluated and coached.

Stage 7
Implementation: Training, Rollout and Refinement

This is a complete rollout to all employees and implementation into the hiring process. This may be done at the same time as the University is rolled out, previous to the University rollout, or afterwards.

Stage 8
The University

See materials on the development of The University.

Take the Next Step

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