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Coaching – You CAN Do It
In this week’s video blog our expert guide, Don Hadley, discusses the importance of coaching. Sometimes leaders may say “I can’t do it.” However, coaching is not difficult. If leaders pay attention, ask very few questions and repeat back the information, it can be done. The value of coaching is causing the employees to think at a broader and deeper level. Do you ask direct questions? Do you listen attentively so you can help them dig deeper and broader? How […]
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When the Going Gets Tough
In this week’s video blog our expert guide, Don Hadley, talks about the importance of having great relationships with those around you. It is critical that Leaders cultivate direct communication from their employees, peers, and those around them.  However, this direct communication should be done: –      At the Right Time –      In the Right Place –      In the Right Way When those around us provide us with this direct communication, it can be difficult for both parties because of several […]
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The fearful fail as often as the bold. The difference lies in what they do next.