Leading the Leaders: Applied Vision Works’ Competitive Advantage

why-avw At Applied Vision Works, we know what it means to look for leadership guidance. You are putting your trust in us to help steer your team, your organization, or even your personal life. We take that very seriously and firmly believe that we have the competitive advantage to help you succeed.


Along with Creator and Chief Guide Donald Hadley, our professional team has over 100 years’ experience, bringing with them master’s degrees, numerous certifications, and a history in nearly every kind of leadership situation.

A true team for your team.

We don’t just have one person with ideas – we are a true team that is flexible, learns from each other and from clients, and brings you many avenues of unique insight.

An established and successful process.

Nothing is ad hoc or made up. We have been formulating and perfecting a process for decades, and we bring that experience to work for you.

Tailored solutions.

We don’t believe in a “one-size-fits-all” style of consulting. We tailor our programs to fit our clients and their needs.

Long-term approach.

Ours is a true commitment and partnership. We’ve worked with many clients for over 10 years. We don’t just provide you with ideas and leave, but work with you to implement your plans as your organization adjusts and grows throughout the years.

Ideas that stick and are sustainable.

Many consultants give you a plan, but not a way to make it happen or a way to make it stick as you grow. We make sure that our plans are actionable in your specific arena.

A wide range of clients.

Every organization and business is unique, but having experience in many fields means that we can more quickly understand your specific needs. It’s a shorter learning curve, providing you best practices from multiple industries with the guidance that’ll get you to the top.


Our work is about implementing real change, and providing comprehensive guidance for businesses, organizations, or individuals. It started with a set of guiding principles, and we have steadily followed those principles to sustainable success.

Broad knowledge base.

We work in multiple overlapping areas of leadership, organizational culture, team building, and individual success. We go the whole nine yards when making your organization the best it can be, and don’t neglect a single aspect.

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