The Big Chair

The same clever, entrepreneurial spirit that made the furniture industry in Thomasville nationally recognized by the “Big Chair” is applicable to today’s industry. The coaching and leadership development programs at Applied Vision Works help individuals to direct their creativity and latent leadership potential toward excelling in their field.

Thomasville is a real All-American city, where Southern charm and hospitality are still going strong. Stepping out for shrimp n’ grits at the Southern Sisters, or spending a Friday night under the lights as the Thomasville Bulldogs ace another football game, you’re sure to be greeted by friendly faces and great neighbors. Here in “Chair City,” we’ve got deep roots in the furniture industry, and the same sense of creativity and leadership that turned the art of furniture building into a national landmark with our famous Big Chair is helping a new generation of leaders in Thomasville excel in their own industries.

Here at Applied Vision Works, we offer leader development to help people find that leadership within themselves and take it to their line of work to drive the region forward. There’s a lot of natural talent here in Thomasville (even our football team, the Thomasville Bulldogs, were the first NC football team to go 16-0!), and we can help our young leaders channel that drive for success into effective leader development and team-building in the workplace. AVW can help you develop the leadership skills you need to create a strong team, develop a positive company culture, and clearly articulate your vision here in Thomasville.

Our Services

We believe that real leader development comes from having a strong relationship with all the individuals we work with. We’re a local company here in North Carolina, and we know what it takes to succeed in business. We can use the wisdom we’ve gained with over 100 years of combined experience when guiding you toward your own bright future as a leader in your industry.

Contact the team at Applied Vision Works, and we can start developing an individualized program for you to capitalize on your own potential. Get started today, and see your future start to shine even brighter than before.

Image source: Wikipedia user MontyZooma