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Mastering the Leadership of Your Team: Are You Doing It?
  • Defining leadership for your organization so you hire and develop the best leaders

  • Creating practical leadership paths that continually cause better results with existing leaders

  • Defining the elements of leadership needed to attract and sustain the right team, culture, customers and suppliers
Developing Effective Business Goals: How to Outpace the Fast Paced World and Still Enjoy It!
  • How to establish specific, measurable, motivating goals

  • Creating detailed action plans, communication strategies, and monitoring tools

  • Developing a clear purpose, mission, vision and values that propels your organization and team to the future

  • How to engage your organization to match the purpose, mission, vision and values
The Three R’s: How Can You Best Recruit, Retain, and Retire a Championship Team?
  • Implementing strategies to ensure you have the right people in the right place at the right time

  • Motivating people on a career path aligned with their dreams and the organizational goals

  • Creating processes that allow you to duplicate your biggest successes
Mastering the Leadership of Your Team: Are You Doing It?
  • Getting to the right “recipe” financially, emotionally, and mentally for the organization to survive and succeed

  • Creating reporting processes so your culture is committed to the future.

  • How Scorecards can bring the future to you and your next generation now
Your Personal Purpose, Mission, and Vision: Why are You Alive?
  • How to identify and clarify your most important lifetime goals and get immediate progress

  • How to develop a clear set of personal and family values to lead your family

  • Proven Daily and Weekly Action steps to help you achieve more and simplify your life