Speaking Engagements

At Applied Vision Works, part of our mission is to cause leaders and teams to execute for increased results and better lives.  To do this, we offer speaking engagement services to groups and organizations.   Are you looking for a way to reinvigorate your organization or inspire your team?  From mastering leadership to developing effective goals to finding your life purpose, we offer speaking engagements on a variety of topics.

Topic Choices:
  • Mastering the Leadership of Your Team
  • Developing Effective Business Goals
  • The Three R’s: How to Recruit, Retain, and Retire a Championship Team
  • The Next Generation: Steps to leaving a legacy
  • Motivational Topics
  • Customizable Topics

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Speaking Engagements

To request more information about our Speaking Engagements or to arrange for a 30 minute consultation meeting, please contact us at Info@appliedvisionworks.com or call (919) 739-2980.


To see Don in action, see the video below:

“Having the input of Applied Vision Works, Inc. into our hiring process has greatly improved and expanded not only the criteria for employees but also for us as employers.  We believe that contracting with them as a ‘guide’ for the Board of Directors is beneficial not only now but for years into the future. “

Sue Langdon

Executive Director
North Carolina Sweet Potato Commission

“As our Association has begun considering how we need to operate for the good of our members in the current, challenging economic and social climate, and as we consider the question of re-defining ourselves as so many other business have done to thrive and move forward in these times, working with the team at Applied Vision Works has been of invaluable help and assistance.

With their guidance, we have begun a proactive, intentional process to assess why the association exists, the values to which we are committed, how we need to operate in keeping with those concepts, and then ultimately, we will work on what we need to do to live out that ethos and philosophy.”

Jim Pendergrass

Executive Director
North Carolina Plumbing & Mechanical Association

“The Team at Applied Vision Works were wonderful!  The beach challenge was especially fun because ALL ages participated, made people get involved with each other.  That was refreshing.”

Convention Attendee

North Carolina Plumbing & Mechanical Association Convention