It takes special skills to run a trade organization; we can help with strategic planning, leadership development, and individual coaching. Image source: Wikimedia CC user Llez

In any industry, you’ll face some entrepreneurial competition from other companies in the same field, but at the end of the day what’s good for the industry is good for you. If you’re farming sweet potatoes, sure, you want to have the best sweet potatoes around–but when sweet potatoes as a commodity are doing well, everyone benefits. Trade organizations unite the industry to work toward a better future for the products and services you each provide, but it takes vision and planning to work toward common goals, rally support for your collective causes, and swell the ranks with new members. In fact, the leadership and strategic planning skills that it takes to effectively lead a trade organization parallel the skills it takes to head an individual company. That’s why Applied Vision Works offers strategic planning and organizational development coaching for industry-specific associations and trade groups. When you cultivate strong leadership in your trade organization, the industry as a whole will benefit from the growth of your relevance within the economy, and from the unity between companies.

Applied Vision Works offers the following services for industry-specific associations:

We have years of experience partnering with trade organizations and industry-specific associations to cultivate and hone the talent within their ranks. These groups are vital to the ongoing relevance and vitality of industries, so developing a strong voice and vision for the future is an investment that will more than pay off down the line. We’ve worked with industries including electrical contractors, sweet potato farmers, general contractors, and fabric and canvas suppliers to build strong leadership and strategic planning skills within their trade groups, and in turn these organizations have been better able to serve their industry.

If you’re ready to lay a strong foundation for growth within your organization, contact the team at Applied Vision Works and we can develop a plan that will facilitate growth and prosperity for your group. Soon you’ll realize–Applied Vision Works really works!