Downtown Raleigh

The career opportunities in Raleigh attract talented leaders striving for career growth.

Our very own “City of Oaks” is a hot destination for business and seems poised to take its place as one of America’s alpha cities—an international hub for industry-leading professionals. If the cat was ever in the bag, it’s out now, because in the last five years we’ve been dubbed:

#1 – The Best Place to Live in America[1. Wong, Venessa. “Which is America’s Best City?”. BloombergBusinessWeek. Retrieved 27 February 2013.] 

#3 – Best City for Careers and Business [2. Badenhausen, Kurt (2012-06-27). “The Best Places for Business and Careers” Retrieved 27 February 2013.]

#5 – Most Cost-Attractive Place for Business [3. “Oklahoma City, Nashville Ranked Most Cost-Attractive Business Locations Among Mid-Sized U.S. Cities”. KPMG. Retrieved 27 February 2013.]

…and that’s just to name a few. Our skilled professionals are also vital to the Research Triangle Park. Clearly, Raleigh has proven its staying power as a crucible for industrial and professional innovation, and the world is taking notice.

Any vibrant business community is comprised of many individuals who are making the most of their potential and driving themselves to innovate and contribute to their field to the best of their ability. Fortunately, in Raleigh, we have an incredible pool of local talent to draw on, which makes our city great. Schools like North Carolina State, and our numerous technical and private colleges, foster that talent and equip students with many of the fundamental skills they need in the workplace. However, if you’re an aspiring leader who wants to truly excel in your field, you’re going to need more than the basics. You’re going to need a clear strategic vision, an articulate voice as a leader, and the ability to foster a positive organizational culture within your team. That’s where Applied Vision Works steps in. We offer leadership and organizational culture development to help our local talent in Raleigh continue to drive their industries forward and excel in the international market.

Our Services

With over one hundred years of combined industry experience right here in Raleigh, we know what it takes to succeed in this competitive market. Capitalize on our experience and industry wisdom to help propel your own career to new heights by partnering with our leadership development guides and individual coaches.

If you’re ready to create an individually tailored program to capitalize on your strengths and unlock your latent leadership potential, contact us today to see what we can do for you!

Image Source: “Downtown-Raleigh-from-Western-Boulevard-Overpass-20081012” by Mark Turner – Own work. Licensed under Public Domain via Wikipedia Commons