Standing in Rankin Lake Park, you can get a sense of the strong community in Gastonia, as people from all over the city gather to talk, play, and share peaceful moments. Building a city takes both strength and leadership, and the organizational development team at Applied Vision Works is excited to foster that side of Gastonia’s growth. Gastonia is a strong and proud city that is ready to move into the future with solid strategy development.

While the economic slowdown hit Gastonia hard, a population increase shows a deep reservoir of vitality and readiness for regrowth in the city. As one of the major cities in the booming Charlotte area, Gastonia is poised to be a part of that amazing development, with a culture all its own. Civic leaders and businesses need strong leadership, dedicated teams, and company cultures that emphasize success in order to guide their organizations towards an even brighter tomorrow. That level of leadership and strategy development starts with Applied Vision Works.

At Applied Vision works, we know what it means to lead and to create a team in North Carolina. With over 100 years of experience in many different fields, we bring unique leadership training and an effective organizational development process to your business. We get to know your business and develop a personalized plan that works for you.

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Leading in Gastonia means being prepared to build and inspire others to build with you. At Applied Vision Works, our more than 100 years of experience allow us to fully understand your needs and create an individualized program to enhance leadership, build teamship, and create an ideal culture to thrive in this leading city. Contact us today to learn more about how Applied Vision Works can partner with you to build your future!